It just takes minutes to set up your own online campaign to raise funds for the ML4 Foundation!

The ML4 Foundation uses the GiveButter online fundraising platform. GiveButter is fully integrated with our ML4 donation database which makes it an excellent choice for our fundraising efforts. To help you create a meaningful fundraising page, we ask you first to fill out basic information with this form, so we can generate a page for you:

When we receive this information, we will use it to create your page. You will have a chance to look it over before it is finalized! In addition, the ML4 Foundation will add a short description about Mucolipidosis Type IV disease and information about how donations will be used to your page so you don't have to write these pieces in your "story." You can just focus only on why donations to treat ML4 will make a really big impact on you and your child's life.

When your page is ready to share, you can use the social media buttons (beneath the first picture on your page) to share it directly to your Facebook, Twitter, or other media as often as you like (we strongly suggest sharing at least every week of the campaign). You can also copy the URL of your page and create an email message to your friends and family and share the URL with everyone!

When your donors give, the ML4 Foundation will send them a thank you letter that provides them with a summary of their donation indicating that the amount is tax deductible. We can also provide you, at the end of the campaign, with a list of your donors if you wish to thank them personally.

Having problems getting starting sharing? Not sure how to make this all work? We are here for you! Let us help! Start by watching Rebecca's video message below to see how the Fall campaign will work.

You have an important story to tell! Here are some tips to help you build your story for your fundraising page.

Tell your donors specifically how MLIV is affecting your child. Make the disease impact concrete: <YourChild’sName> cannot walk, talk, or do many things for herself.”

Tell them specific things that are happening for treatments:

“Right now, the ML4 Foundation is testing drugs to help neuroinflammation (an early problem in the brain of people with ML4), creating gene therapy to correct the gene defect, and supporting clinical studies to get us ready for clinical trials. Your donations directly support research for treatments for <YourChild’sName>. 

Make sure to ask them to give generously:

“The ML4 Foundation is the only organization funding research into treatments for this disease and it is funded entirely by private donations. Your generous gift goes a long way to making a different future for <YourChild’sName>. Alone we are rare, but together we are mighty!

And thank them!