It just takes minutes to set up your own online campaign to raise funds for the ML4 Foundation!

The ML4 Foundation is registered with the FundRazr online fundraising platform. When you start your fundraising campaign from the button on this page, the campaign you create will be linked directly to the ML4 Foundation. Because your donors will be giving directly to our nonprofit organization, their donations will be tax-deductible.

When you are ready to begin, click the Go to FundRazr button and follow the steps below once you are on the FundRazr site:

Go to FundRazr
  1. Click the Get started now button.
  2. Sign up for a FundRazr login, or Sign in if you already have a login.
  3. Complete information on the Basics tab. Be sure to supply your own catchy Intro and Title. Click Save & continue.
  4. Complete information on the Story tab, including uploading a photo that will be the “face” of your campaign. Click Save & continue.
  5. Click Review your campaign. At the top of the page, you can choose to view the campaign as the Owner or as the Public will view it.
  6. If you wish to add a video to your campaign (a very effective way to tell your story!), click Edit on the top menu, choose Picture & Video from the left-side menu, then choose the appropriate link under Campaign Video to upload or link to a video. Click Save Changes.
  7. When you have completed your setup, in the Admin panel Inbox, click the Submit button on the to-do item labeled Submit your campaign for review. The ML4 Foundation staff will review your campaign and notify you when it is approved so that you can start your fundraising efforts!

NOTE: When creating a fundraiser to benefit the ML4 Foundation, please use the Go to FundRazr button on this page rather than creating an independent fundraiser from the FundRazr main page. Thank you for being a hero!

If you have questions or would like some guidance in setting up your fundraising site, please contact us at

You have an important story to tell! Here are some tips to help you build your story for your fundraising page.

Tell your donors specifically how MLIV is affecting your child. Make the disease impact concrete: <YourChild’sName> cannot walk, talk, or do many things for herself.”

Tell them specific things that are happening for treatments:

“Right now, the ML4 Foundation is testing drugs to help neuroinflammation (an early problem in the brain of people with ML4), creating gene therapy to correct the gene defect, and supporting clinical studies to get us ready for clinical trials. Your donations directly support research for treatments for <YourChild’sName>. 

Make sure to ask them to give generously:

“The ML4 Foundation is the only organization funding research into treatments for this disease and it is funded entirely by private donations. Your generous gift goes a long way to making a different future for <YourChild’sName>. Alone we are rare, but together we are mighty!

And thank them!