True to our mission, we fund research that will bring us closer to developing treatments and a cure for this disease. We work closely with our scientific advisory board to determine which research proposals to fund and we remain in close contact with our researchers to understand the work in progress. We believe strongly in collaboration and seek opportunities for this whenever possible.

Slaugenhaupt Lab, Harvard/MGH

In the lab of Professor of Neurology, Dr. Sue Slaugenhaupt, Dr. Yulia Grishchuk is conducting multiple experiments in the ML4 mice to understand the impact of the disease on the microglia and neurodegenerative pathology. Grishchuk is pursuing exciting research in collaboration with other lead scientists, particularly in areas of inflammatory disease and neuroinflammation.

Walkley Lab, Einstein

Lauren Boudewyn, graduate student in the lysosomal disease lab of Dr. Steve Walkley, is conducting several critical experiments on the ML4 mice, including testing compounds against the disease as well as examining discrete elements of dendrite growth in ML4.

Schiffmann Lab, Baylor

We are pleased to partner with Dr. Raphael Schiffmann as he conducts the first natural history of ML4, a study supported by the NIH and the Lysosomal Disease Network. This study aims to develop a clinical understanding of the disease as it develops and progresses in the patients over a period of years.