What steps do I take in order to accept my stipend?

You must register for the Conference/NeuroClinic in order to accept your stipend. Once we have your registration, we will assign you a date and time for your NeuroClinic appointment. Based on this information, you may make your travel and hotel arrangements with the stipend funds in mind.

Click here to see the conference schedule overview and find links for conference registration and hotel reservations.

How much will we be reimbursed?

Foundation funding is very limited for conference travel. Our resources are primarily devoted to scientific research. We will pay up to $250/domestic economy airfare and up to $500/international economy airfare per person up to two people. If you can drive to the meeting, please do so to help minimize our total expenses. We will also reimburse two nights hotel at Wyndham Hotel at $269.00/per night conference rate. All reimbursements will be made based upon review of receipts submitted after attendance at the meeting.

When should I book my flights?

We encourage you to book your flights as soon as you have confirmation about the time and date of your NeuroClinic session from the Foundation. The travel funding will help cover most flights from many locations at current airline prices. Closer to the event, tickets will be much more costly.

In addition, we have a limited set of rooms on hold at the Wyndham Hotel. Boston is a difficult city in which to find hotel rooms in May. We encourage you to book using our hotel link as soon as possible.

How do I make hotel arrangements?

You will make your own hotel arrangements and payments. We have allocated the Wyndham Hotel as our conference hotel and have set aside a group of rooms (including ADA rooms) for conference participants for advance reservations. This hotel is directly adjacent to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The conference rate is $269.00/night and is valid for Thursday, May 7th through Monday, May 11, 2020 when you use the conference link https://tinyurl.com/v89zzyy  OR call (877) 999-3223 and refer to the “ML4 Family and Researcher Conference and/or ID #: 0510ML4CONF”.

Please review your bill for accuracy when you check out. After paying, please submit a copy of your receipt for reimbursement.

May I stay at a different hotel from the Wyndham?

You may stay at a different hotel. We will reimburse up to the Wyndham rate of $269.00 per night for two nights. We will not pay for travel from that hotel to the conference site.

How is food arranged at the conference?

The Wyndham is well situated among many easily accessed food options. Directly adjacent to the hotel are an Au Bon Pain and a Whole Foods (which has many prepared foods options used by families visiting the hospital daily). There are also many restaurants along the street by the hotel. The ML4 Foundation will host a dinner on Sunday, May 10th for all conference attendees, and also offer light breakfast and lunch on Monday, May 11th. Other meals will be purchased by attendees on their own from available vendors in the area.

What if my expenses total more than my stipend?

You are responsible for all expenses incurred above the amount of the approved stipend.

What is the deadline for submitting my receipts?

You are able to submit receipts up to June 2, 2020. You will be provided with an online form by which to scan and upload your receipts. This is the only means for submitting receipts for reimbursement.

When should I expect my reimbursement?

Reimbursements will be processed within 3-4 weeks after receiving your completed reimbursement request.

When do I sign the IRB consent forms? If I have already signed the IRB consent forms, do I have to sign them again?

Before Dr. Misko and Dr. Wishart can examine you and include your medical information in this research, you will need to sign a consent form acknowledging that you understand your and your child’s rights in this research process. You will have time to do this before you meet with the doctors, or, if you wish, you can set up a time to do this over the phone before you come to the meeting.  If you have previously signed the IRB form for MLIV research with Dr. Misko, you do not need to sign these forms again. If you have any questions about whether you have or have not signed these forms, we can answer that for you at any time, before the meeting or prior to your appointment with Drs. Misko or Wishart.